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Just because you hate the Pesident is no reason to support a country like China whoe ultimate goal is to rule the world.

What kind of an idiot are you that you would rather see the current administration destroyed by supporting a communist regime?

What do you think would happen to all you so-called journalist? No more free speech, no more anti-government writings and no more individual freedoms.

You journalist don't seem to have learned anything from the Chinese government kicking out a number of your fellow journalist for what the communist leaders labeled as anti-government propaanda.
jtp 4/1/2020


Don't be a spectator
Get involved with politics.

Only when the people get involved
Can we have a true democracy.


Social security is more than an entitlement, it is a system that those receiving the benefits paid for them! When will the politicians understand this and start looking into so-called entitlements, such as welfare, that those receiving it paid nothing into the program.

Those elected to office need to remember it is those paying into social security that also support welfare with their tax money, money that should be used to get people working, not money used in a continuing spiral of dependency on the government.

America, you need to wake up and get the free wheeling government officials on the train to nowhere. The citizenry also needs to put pressure on the current crop of politicians and tell them we, as the voters put them in office, can remove them from office. Additionally, it must be emphasized the politicians are no different than the common man and need to live under the same rules with no special retirement programs and no special benefits that are not available to all
jtp 4/2/2020


The socialist left's action during the current Wuhan Virus pandemic is akin to highway robbery. They are a bunch of self-centered self-serving bureaucrats who don't give a damn about the people.

Who do they think they are fooling? People can see through the stalling actions. It is hoped the voters don't forget the actions of the left and vote them out of office in the upcoming election.

This is what happens when hatred overruns common sense and civility.

This is what happens when those elected to serve the people are more interested in serving themselves.

Wake up America, it is time to vote the leftist out of office and setup term limits for the House and Senate. Career politicians are not concerned with helping the people, just in helping themselves.

For example term limits could be set as follows:
1. For the House four (4) terms
2. For the Senate two (2) terms

The term limit would be extended for the length of an unexpired term if the appointee decides to run for the office.
jtp 3/30/2020


For nearly three years the people have been subject to fake news reports that turn out to be outright lies. Even after multiple investigations that found no evidence of collusion or obstruction, the left continues to push the envelope.

Well, the appearance of the special counsel before two congressional committees put the final nail in the coffin. The special counsel's appearance was a disgrace. He new little to nothing of what was in the report that beared his name.

But, the left more than likely will continue searching for facts that are not there in their attempt to remove a duly elected president. The left's action are shameful

More and more people are fed up with hate mongering by the left. The left has yet to do something beneficial for the people...
jtp 1/13/2020


We live in a age of treachery. Trust has been thrown out the window. If the left continues pursuing its present course, America will be a third-world country far behind the rest of the civilized world.

Is this what you, as an American wish to leave your children and grand-children? Should you have doubts about the results of the socialist agenda, then check out the condition in Venezuela.

After that get out your history books and study the results of past socialist regimes. The only ones that hold on to power did so by crushing decent, imprisoning or killing the opposition and maintaining concentration camps.

If you still have doubts check out life in China, North Korea and other socialist countries..
jtp 1/13/2020


The time has come for Americans to stand up against the globalist. The predecessors of the Trump administration were slowly but surely tearing the fabric of America apart.

Globalization destroys the foundation of America by sending jobs, etc. out of America. Action that would have eventually made America more like a third world country with high unemployment and extreme poverty.

If it hadn't been for Trump, the AMERICANIST, America would have continued on its downward spiral.

Trump, the AMERICANIST, is slowly but surely sewing the fabric of America back together. He is reinvigorating industry, re-negotiating trade agreements and following a conservative, America First, agenda.

We, as citizens need to become AMERICANIST, a person who favors America, its policies and places the interests of America first.
jtp 1/18/2020


Political freedom is a central concept in history and political thought and one of the most important features of democratic societies.

Political freedom was described as freedom from oppression or coercion, the absence of disabling conditions for an individual and the fulfillment of enabling conditions, or the absence of life conditions of compulsion, e.g. economic compulsion, in a society.

Although political freedom is often interpreted negatively as the freedom from unreasonable external constraints on action, it can also refer to the positive exercise of rights, capacities and possibilities for action, and the exercise of social or group rights. The concept can also include freedom from "internal" constraints on political action or speech (e.g. social conformity, consistency, or "inauthentic" behaviour). The concept of political freedom is closely connected with the concepts of civil liberties and human rights, which in democratic societies are usually afforded legal protection from the state.


Generally, liberty is distinctly differentiated from freedom in that freedom is primarily, if not exclusively, the ability to do as one wills and what one has the power to do; whereas liberty concerns the absence of arbitrary restraints and takes into account the rights of all involved. As such, the exercise of liberty is subject to capability and limited by the rights of others.

In politics, liberty consists of the social and political freedoms to which all community members are entitled.


Why politicians are not willing to work within the financial limits of the government's income is problematic.

Instead of working to balance the budget the politicians continus to raise taxes and spend wrecklessly.

What happens to their brain after they get elected to office. Does it go numb? Or is it short memory lapses of what it was like to pay and pay all the taxes politicians continue to inrease to meet an ever expanding role of government?

Not acting responsibly, politicans are ruining American society, Eventually, their actions will come home to roost and all hell will break loose. It seems it doesn't matter to the politicians as they have so many perks that in their mind overrides the taxes they pay. These individuals were elected to serve the people, not themselves.

Another contributing factor is policians seldom leave office on their own. They grow roots and become embedded in the DC quagmire. Only the president has term limits, something that all politicians should be subject to.

Term limits would alliviate the embedding process thereby limiting their ability to enhance their and their family's wealth at the expense of the hard working citizens.

In addition it would allow new faces to surface with new ideas and, hopefully, a feeling of responsibility to the citizenry!


In the past it didn't matter which party a politician belonged to, they basically followed the same path. Make a promise, but don't worry people will probably forget what the promise was.

Well now we have a president who is keeping his promises, though the left tries to stop him.

They disparage him, they condemn him, but the can't stop him. Many in congress work against him.

When the president sees deplorable conditions he speaks out. The only reply the opposition comes up with is "he is a racist".

The truth is, the president is working for all the peole, not just a few of the elites.

It would be interesting to know where the government money, that was earmarked to help the desolate areas, went.

It sounds like a lot of hanky panky was involved in the handling of the funds.
jtp 5/20/2020


There are so many people struggling through the Wuhan Virus lockdown it is shameful how the dumycrats are acting.

The speaker's letter to fellow party members is not only disgraceful it is aniti-American and treasonous.

How many false accusations and misrepresentations does it take for those still following the dummycrats line to wake up to the fact the leftists are not concerned with America or its citizens.

The leftist dummycrats are hell bent on regaining power no matter how much it tears apart the fabric of America.
jtp 4/15/2020


One must wonder what goes on in the minds of the leftist politicians. Do they think like regular people or are they totally consumed with thoughts of power?

Thoughts of power is what it seems like when analyzing their actions and comments. Their mission, it appears, is to destroy the opposition with lies and innuendos and regain political power.

Very little of their thought or actions, if any, is directed toward helping American citizens and legal immigrants.

When there is a crisis as there is now with the Wuhan Virus pandemic the leftist in order to help the people want to extract a price to fatten their favorite projects, like NPR and the Kennedy Center. Those can be taken care of at a later date, but the left leaning dimmys want their pound of flesh now!

People that vote for these self-centered leftist politicians should think twice before voting again for these egotistical leftist unAmerican politicians.
jtp 4/5/2020


If the people haven't awakened to the left's deliberate counter actions against the Trump administration they are dummer than first imagined.

Can anyone truthfully say they believe the left's irresponsible actions?

False and fabricted stories coming from such news outletts as the NY Times and the Wash Post are beyond comprehension. Especially during a crisis as severe as the Wuhan Virus pandemic.

America should be FIRST in their reporting, not China or the rest of the world.
jtp 4/2/2020


On Wednesday evening, March 11th, the President gave a very presidential speech that calmed many of the fears the leftist media has been working overtime to spead and disrupt the efforts of the President to protect Americans.

Fear mongering by the media is an attempt to discredit the President, his actions and the experts he has assembled to fight the Wuhan Virus claiming the President was a racist and xenophobic.

What a shame the media and the left refuse to put aside their hatred and work with the administration to curb the spead of the Wuhan Virus.

What the President began doing in a timely fashion will prevent an uncontrolled spread of the Wuhan Virus and save American lives.

Trump did not sit on his hands for six months like Obama did in 2009. Obama's delayed action caused a miltitude of illnesses and deaths that could have been avoided by early action.

Those delays instead of quick action in 2009 cost countless American lives.

Is that what the American public wants to return to?

jtp 3/12/2020


There is a definant need to have the elementary educational system reinstate the practice of saying the pledge of allegiance.

Those who object to the phrase 'under god" can remove it as the main purpose of the pledge is to instill a feeling of loyalty to America.

People who claim to love America but don't stand up for America should have their citizenship revoked.
jtp 9/5/2019


The past administrations were run by do-little politicians.

Do just enough to appease the voters and keep them off the politicians backs while the politicians do all they can to increase their and their families wealth.

Many were pawns of foreign governments, accepting kick backs to further the foreign governemtns agenda.

Little was done for the citizens of America.

These do-little politicians desemated the American workforce by not standing up against the foreign intrest and allowing companies to move to foreign lands all in the interest of greater profits.

If American citizens are unemploued who is going to have the money to purchase the goods produced by cheap foreign labor.

The current administration has a different view - fair and equitable trade on a level playing field.
jtp 9/13/2020


Can anyone who really gives any thought to the lockdown caused by China's withholding information from the world for six to eight weeks about the Wuhan Virus not want China to pay heavily fir their desceptive actions?

America and the rest of the world need to quit coddling China, a rogue nation on the world scene.
jtp 4/30/2020


Whose to blame for the rapid spread of the Wuhan Virus?

The Chinese communist leaders are to blame. They are the ones who did not alert the world about the Wuhan Virus for 2-3 months. This allowed the virus to gain strength and rapidly spread.
jtp 4/6/2020


The Chinese with the help of the W.H.O. are trying to remove the stigma of the Wuhan Virus from their history

Do not let them or any others gloss over the pandemic by using political correctness to re-define the Wuhan Virus.

In the past all such outbreaks have been named after the region where the virus began or was discovered.

Wuhan Virus is the correct name, Period!
jtp 3/15/2020


Its amazing how the dimmys change their color. They must be decendents of chameleons.

First the dimmys condemn Trump for being slow in his response to the Wuhan Virus. Now they are working (maybe) with him. Who is slow in reacting?

At the beginning the dimmys blamed Trump for the Wuhan Virus just like the Chinese are trying to blame the U S Military.

The Chinese allowed the Wuhan Virus to escape from their chemical warfare research lab in Wuhan, but were not and are not willing to take responsiblity for their lax safeguards Safeguards that were by-passed or non-existant..

Who is to blame? Simple it is the Chinese leadership that allowed thousands of their own people to die because they do not want to accept responsibility and don't care about the devastation the Wuhan Virus had on their own people.

They did not put out a warning which would have lessened the impact of the Wuhan Virus by giving others a headsup on the virus release.

The Chinese were not willing to allow outside experts to come in and help prevent the uncontrolled spread of the Wuhan Virus.

Possibly they allowed the release of the Wuhan Virus to gain more control of the world. Which in actuality is more than a possibility. The Chinese want control of the world at any cost to their people and others.

And speaking of being slow to respond, why did it take Obama six months to respond to the 2009 H1N1 (H1N1pdm09 virus) known as the Swine Flu? This delay caused the loss of more lives than had action been taken near the beginning of the pandemic.

Trump set up a scientific panel of experts, got many in the private sector of pharmasudical companies to work on finding a vaccine for the Wuhan Virus.

Wake up you maroons and be thankful there is a leader in place who takes action quickly.

Think about it. Who took quick action, who did not?
jtp 3/13/2020


The so-called news media and the left are promoting hysteria over the Wuhan Virus.

It seems they would rather see more American cases and deaths rather than work with the administreation to control the spread of the Wuham Virus.

The mass media and the dimmy socialist's hysteria create more problems than necessary.

More probelms than solutions because of their hatred for the current administration.
jtp 3/10/2020


Everybody has locks. Locks on their doors, locks on their windows, locks on their cars, locks on their hearts. Are locks a sign of distrust or merely a way of saying this is mine, do not trespass?

Maybe today, locks are both a sign of distrust and ownership. But how long do we own, or shall we say, appear to own something? Land and houses are usually here a lot longer than humans. So you wonder, who, indeed owns the things we hold so dear?

They own themselves, we are only guardians for future generations. Let us take care we don't leave a nightmare.
jtp 11/21/2019

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