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After a refreshing view of the new American conscious, I am glad to say, ABOUT TIME. This country had become a sitting duck, no thanks to any of the liberal politicians (most of whom are Democrats) and their, "Well, maybe we need to organize a focus group to study that." That is a lot of bullshit and deserves nothing in the way of historical importance (other than it was the cause of America becoming weak and vulnerable).

Just imagine what it would have been like had the Democrats kept the Preisdency. We would have been up to our asses in terrorists threats and devastating actions. What this country and some of the idiots in it have to remember is, America was not founded by peaceful individuals. The founders were fighters and took action when there was a threat to the country.

What must be kept in mind at this time, is to not quit the battle against terrorism before it has reached a positive conclusion. And that means every son of a bitch out there that wants to do harm to America is dealt with - that is eliminated from the scene. What the hell are we the most powerful country in the world for - to get stepped on by piss ants?

jtp 9/13/2017


Those who protest during the national anthem are traitors to America.

There are plenty of other venues to protest in that don't show disrespect for the country.

Why are not these so-called perveyers of equal justice not protesting the treatment of dissidents in countries like china, the middle east and venezuela?

The socialist bent of these protesters has proven over and over again socialism does not work.

So, if one is not satified with the freedoms and liberty America offers, pack up and leave the country.
jtp 7/18/2019


It seems the left centimes to suffer for two maladies:
  • Collusion Delusion and
  • Obstruction Seduction
caused by believing false news and reports from the left leaning politicians and media.

These two diseases are curable if those infected open their mind and seek truthful news and reporting. However, one must keep in mind the ultimate goal of the left is to destroy a duly elected president and regain power.


Government today seems to be operating without any common sense. And the citizens seem to be, either to ignorant of this or just don't give a damn!

Well, the citizenry better wake up quickly or they will be under the thumb of a bunch of uncaring politiocs. You know those people who are more concerned with themselves than with the common good.


A needed change in the manner all incarcerated criminals within various state and federal prisons are treated needs to be changed. These law breakers need to be placed in nursing homes and all residents in nursing homes moved to state and federal prisons.

You ask "WHY?"

The answer is simple. Those that break the law should have to pay for their upkeep and the hard working, law abiding citizens who end up in a nuring home, primarily retirees, should reap the benefits of their exemplary life.

As it currently stands prisoners get room and board, clothing and health care on the tax payers dime, while those in nursing homes have to pay for most, if not all, of the cost of carrying for the.

There is something wrong with these policies that coddle criminals and bankrupt nursing home residents.


History is studied to avoid making the same mistakes made in the past. Today, however, it seems history's lessons are not studied or are ignored.

Socialism is on the rise due to a lack of emphasis on history in all levels of education. There is too much emphasis on liberal ideas being taught in the schools.

Ideas that neglect the failure of socialism on every front for lack of freedom to unsurvivable conditions placed on the populace.

The mainstream media provides little to no reporting on the effects of socialism - Venezuela is a perfect example.


Border walls are a necessity to protect all Americans.

The speaker of the house and other members of congress are protected by walls.

So why is the left so against walls to protect all Americans?
jtp 6/21/2019


Do you want to see America as a weak sister to the world or a strong robust nation?

If you want the a strong America kick the leftist out of the political arena. Because with leftist leadership in Americ would ecome a third world country!

There is nothing beneficial for America's citizens in the leftist propoganda/proposals. The outlook is bleak anywhere socialism has taken hold. Study historyand take a long hard look at Veezuela.
jtp 9/9/2019


Being a politician causes one to speak in riddles. One day this the next day that.

Frankly, most politicians don't know how to speak truthfully. That is not the only problem. Many of them follow the so-called leaders down a winding path where falsehoods are regurgitated.

What we, as citizens, must do is push for term limits. Term limits will help keep the government on a more straight and narrow path.
jtp 9/13/2019


Many of today's youth and young adults sputter through life with total disregard for other human life. Who is at fault?

Some parents do a poor job of raising their children, but the majority of the problem is the fault of today's educational system.

Liberal ideas don't build loyalty or respect. Nor do they instill a sense of pride in the individual.
jtp 9/5/2019


Whatever the president does, the left condemns.

Of course, they fail to say what they plan to do is tearing at the very fabric of American society. They have no plan to benefit the citizens of America.

Higher taxes, excessive government and abuse of the legal system to control society is there ultimate plan.

In othr words, their plans for a government that closely resembles a dictatorship.
jtp 6/13/2019


Movies today are extremely explicit and often horrifying or filled with hatred. Whatever happened to movies being pleasing and relaxing, often filled with humor.

Nothing, it seems is left to one's imagination. Students are losing their ability to think for themselves and, therefore, losing the ability to use their imagination and be creative in their thinking.

Could this be a result of dumbing down America's educational system?

Or is it the fact socialist ideas have rotted the minds of those who teach our young?


To understand the current crop of leftist politicians one must review the educational system changes that have taken place since the late 1940s.

Liberal teachings made students less interested in real learning, but filled their minds with utopian dreams. There was less country loyalty taught to students.

In the 1940s and 50s grade school students the pledge of allegiance was recited every morning before class began. It not only gave one a proud feeling, it created loyal members of American society.

Students were taught to be independent, but loyal citizens, something that is missing today.

Changes were made to the educational system that slowly, but surely, led to a dumbing down of a large number of Americans.

Now the politicians are pushing laws to legalize recreational marijuana without fully studying the effects of the drug over time. The leftist politicians are doing this for one reason - the tax money garnered by government. They don't care what problems come with legalizing recreational use of the drug.

The socialist left's only concern is to increase money for the state. They are not interested in being fiscally responsible and stopping the free giveaways.

It also allows the politicians to exert some control; over the citizens.


The 'RED LINE' has been crossed.

What the hell was the reasoning behind this piece of bullshit about crossing the red line?

It is hard to comprehend why this country is so concerned about people that hate us. There is no reason on earth for the involvement of America in the inner struggles of another country.

Our concern should be stopping the proliferation of atomic weaponry throughout the world. That is a danger to America, and most of the world.

The problem is exacerbated, especially when the proliferating of such weapons is being done by those that are not friends with America, but in fact, seek to destroy America.

Think AMERICA! Keep America strong by continually being vigilant, but being equally concerned with what goes on at home.
jtp 9/13/2013

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