..:: RHYMES 1 ::..


They swing, They sway
They let nothing get in their way

The push, They pull
There is no Golden Rule

Politics as usual is on the horizon
Send them out to pasture with the Bison

They use all sorts of tricks, you see
Like taking honey from a bee

At this rate, I'm getting mad
What a shame, oh! how sad

What the people have to put up with
I rather set them all adrift

They know you on the campaign trail
But then their memory starts to fail

So lets not vote for any old timers
They're getting closer to alzheimersv

A change is needed from the liberal bent
What in God's name have you sent


Piter Pater, Spiter Spater
I think I know what is the matter

Can't let loose of the reins
What happened to your brains

For the peolpe you don't give a damn
Till they hit you with a battering ram

Keep up the good work in dc
You are about to become history


How long will it take
For the people to awake

The left's politicl scene
Is nothing short of obscene

Wake up America the time has come
To get the scoundrels on the run

Wheels are in motion, the end is near
The left thought they had nothing to fear

To jail, to jail where they will go
The end is coming it will be so


You see them twist
You see them turn
For what does the left yearn

Is it the power lost
Is it poor sportsmanship
What we see is only the tip

In the past promises made
In the past promises broken
You can't believe the words spoken

Remember this as you listen
To the words with no meaning
To the right you should be leaning


It has been a long time passing
Since you've had a good thrashing

The time is near when you will be
Hung up to dry for all to see

Enemy of the people the end is near
There is much for you to fear

In a short time you will be froth
As your friends decide to boil you in broth

Not soup, that is, but boiling oil
Your reward for all your trouble and toil

Good bye, good bye and so long
Someone's gonna stick you with a prong!


Rumormills working overtime
Lots of stories, but no rhyme

Second hand, third hand
Strike up the band

Its a never ending spat
He did this, he did that

Everyone has a story to tell
Even ones from a wishing well

Seeking the truth doesn't matter
Its falsehoods you want to spatter

Exposed they are one more time
Hide and seek, its a real crime

Tall tales prevail along with hearsay
Why let the truth get in the way
jtp 9/30/2019


The hussle bussle of the city
At times is very gritty

Decay often overshadows progress
Homelessness, tent cities are signs of distress

Mental disorders and drug use
Lead to tremendous abuse

The problems could be solved
If the liberal politicians trully got invoklved

But as it has stood and stands right now
Liberals are only interested in the cash cow
jtp 10/20/2019

(This is for all you democrats)

Give us relief from the stress
Clean up your ugly mess

The self-centered track
Will put you on the rack

Get with the people
Move out of the steeple

Don't be so stubborn
Do your job and govern
jtp 6/1/2019


Life was simpler in days gone by
Now we view all things with a jaundiced eye

One never knows what may befall them
From were does this distrust stem

People will stab you in the back
Just to take over a run down shack

It is no wonder there is so much upheaval
We are surrounded with so much evil

Are we destined to be mired
It's not what the people desire

A clean sweep will be coming soon
And then there'll be a real clean room
jtp 11/1/2017


You read the news
You hear their views

You wonder why
They are so shy

They sputter useless drivel
Makes you wish they would shrivel

With gibberish, they rant and rave
Who are they trying to save

Their concerns do not include
Those it should, the multitude

Self-centered egotist are they
Time to remove them from the frey
jtp 8/30/2013


We look at the news
And see limited views

The truth is cast aside
Historical facts they hide

The left's idea of creative writing
To new lows they are sliding

Facts have become immaterial
Its like they're creating a serial

From one episode to the next
On all of which they put a hex

Everything has a spin
Power back they want to win

Give us a break
Or a stake

We'll drive through your heart!
jtp 9/16/2019


What have we got from liberalism
Nothing but a huge schism

Now the truth has come out
We're learning what they're all about

The hole they dug
Can't be hid under the rug

The light shines bright
Can't turn left, can't turn right

The boomerang has struck
And hit them like a semi-truck
jtp 8/7/2019


Onward and upward you travel
Hope your plan does not unravel

You play the game just a little
While you have your lackeys fiddle

The words you spout in admonition
Sounds like you lack your nutrition

It will all come to pass when this is over
Can we then call you Rover?
jtp 3/8/2008


There comes a time in each one's life
When occurrences fill one with more strife

We must endure, we must carry on
Until the end when the war is won

Pussy footing around will not cure
We must have fortitude to be sure

In the end victory will be ours
Then we can break and take our showers

Wash away all the dirt and grime
Feeling fresh after a tempestuous time


Now its time to think
The world is on the brink
You wonder - What's the problem?

Then you ask and ask
Its an undaunting task
Where's the answer - To my quest?

The problem is complex
The answer's in the text
Study history - Don't repeat it!
jtp 3/2/2002


We make a fuss
And we cuss

Nothing to gain
We sit in the rain

Life goes by
No one says hi

On who can you depend
You don't have a friend

As we ponder
Our mind does wonder

Not one call
It's already fall

Soon winter will appear
There is nothing to fear


They have no brains, they have no guts

They cannot face you like a man
They hide behind a battering ram

It seems that soon all will need
To carry arms, take my heed

To protect your freedom and your life
You'll need to use a gun and knife

This all came about by being liberal
Victims have less rights than the criminal

Being soft on those who break the law
Brings out the monster in them all

Its time to stop the soft approach
And treat them like a cockroach

Civilization, I see, has reached its prime
Now we must revert to an ancient time


Tickle, tickle tassel
The left continues to hassel

They call themselves progressives
When they are really egressive

Progression improves life
Regression brings strife

They call for a recession
So they can take possesion

Give me a break
Your're all on the take

As time goes by
Your promises won't fly

The people surmize
You really aren't wise

Time to say so long
Or get whacked with a bong
jtp 9/15/2019


Change is coming slow but sure
The trouble is we must endure

Endure we will no matter what
Then we'll kick them all in the butt

The truth is now coming out
Its time to stand up and shout

We finally got them by the tail
To jail, to jail, we hear them wail
jtp 10/26/2017


The left calls us deplorables
But we're really adorables

Providing for one's family
Working through the insanity

Not condemning others
Treating them like brothers

Problems can be resolved
If both sides really get involved

Talking, negotiating, resolution
Helps prevent a revolution

So keep in mind
It pays to be kind
jtp 8/29/2019


The shifting clump
Is predicting a slump
They and their ideas belong in a dump

Tearing down for their own gain
Constantly predicting rain
They're getting to be a pain

Predictions that have no weight
They do it with a face so straight
Get rid of them before its too late

Shut down the leftist strategy
Before it turns into a tragedy
Or it could become a catastrophe!
jtp 8/24/2019


A look, a peek
What is it we seek

Look around, be found
But don't astound

Keep your eye on the ball
Don't let it fall

There is a need
Take my heed

Get welfare fixed
Don't be nixed

Its not an entitlement
If you pay into your retirement

Its those living off the government dole
Free money will eventually take its toll

Get your priorities in line
Resurrect pride in our time
jtp 9/13/2013


Its up its down
Its all around

The feeling for sure
Must we endure

The same old rattle
Time to use the paddle

A good swift smack
Will get them back on track

What is it with these old fogies
They mope around like pogies

Too much back room politics
They think we are a bunch of hicks

Its time to clean out the roost
And give them all a big fat boost

Although we can't be sure
This is part of the cure

Fresh air and new faces
Could we finally come up aces
jtp 9/13/2013


Once read, never forgotten
Something smells rotten

Could it be the Washinton insiders
Have had a bit too much ciders

Their nose it grows like Pinnochio
It's shaped a little like Ohio

Too much of a good thing
Too late the bell does ring

Well, what are we to do and say
I don't understand the swish and sway
jtp 3/3/2008

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