..:: RHYMES 3 ::..


Hit 'em high
Hit 'em low

Hit 'em with a dirty blow
jtp 1/2/2020


It is time to realize
Government cannot equalize

Whenever government gets involved
The only thing that's resolved

Is government taking more from the people
So liberals can sit high on the steeple

But they are not out of reach
The people will stop this outright breach
jtp 1/4/2020


Look into the crystal ball
It says you are about to fall

Days are running short
Against which you have no retort

What a pity you're on your way
No more swing and sway

The time has come to fess up
Your actions have filled our cup

Prison doors slammig is all you'll hear
Better enjoy your last beer


Jingle, jingle, jingle
Tis the time to mingle

Get out and associate
Face to face communicate

Don't sit at home all alone
On your wireless phone

Once again become human
See what's in the world loomin'


False news and lies not based on truth
Taste as bad as straight vermouth

It's time for the liberal media
To report the truth or face a stampedia

People are tired and fed up with false reporting
Most look at you and they're not supporting

Your liberal socialist ideology
Is really nothing but pure mythology

Remove the clouds from your brain
Break away from that unmanageable strain
jtp 5/14/2019


You read the news
You hear their views

You wonder why
They are so shy

They sputter useless drivel
Makes you wish they would shrivel

With gibberish, they rant and rave
Who are they trying to save

Their concerns do not include
Those it should, the multitude

Self-centered egotist are they
Time to remove them from the frey
jtp 8/30/2013


Ring a ding ding
You began too soon to sing

The tide is turning
And you're still yearning

You dug yoursekf a hole
You've turned into a mole

Escape is far away
People you did not sway

Breaking rukes and the law
Up and down like a see saw

Caught up in the mire
Its time for you to retire
jtp 12/17/2019


Dippity do, Dippity dee
They thought they'd be full of glee

One sham after another
Now they have to run for cover

Trying the people to woo
Covering up illigal acts they do

All is coming to light
Soon you'll be taking flight

Tables turned
You've been churned

Makes no difference where you creep
The hole you dug is way too deep
jtp 2/10/2020


The people have been through three years of hell
The left keeps digging a deeper and deeper well

The citizens who voted for the obstructionist democrats
Are left hanging out to dry with an action that fell flat

The Russian conspiracy hoax
Turned out to be one big joke
jtp 8/25/2019


The left is not cupid
They think we are stupid

Actions from the far left
The people are not deft

Leftist are not regular guys
They try to fool us with lies

Little do they know
Its time for them to go
jtp 4/11/2020


Mirrror, mirror on the wall
Who's the biggest liar of them all

jtp 4/11/2020

The number is so large
They barely fit on a barge

Let's give them a lift
And set them adrift
jtp 4/11/2020


Truth doesn't matter
Welcome the mad hatter

Tongue in cheek
Stories are weak

They rattle on
Fishing in the pond

Their line is bare
Who pays the fare

Running wild
Spoiled child

All the wrangling
Leaves them dangling

Reeling hopelessly
Havoc needlessly

Lies you spin
Trying to win

Power they yearn
They don't learn

Call it quits
They have fits

The end is near
Exposure they fear

Payback action
Is getting traction

Time has come
You're on the run

Ending the sham
In a garbage can
jtp 1/18/2020


Living in a fantasy land
Is okay on the one hand

If you're a kid it makes sense
But, otherwise, get off the fence

It seems so many would tear down
What works year in and year around

Socialism lives in a garage
Its premises are a mirage

Free people are the best solution
Keep us free to prevent a revolution
jtp 12/4/2000


Once the news presented made sense
Now you have to build a fence

The left has gone to far
Wow! An expensive brand new car

And now the time has come
To send them back where they came from

Take them out to the shed
For they are nothing but a bubblehead
jtp 7/25/2019


Time will tell if you've learned your lesson
You probably suffer from reactive neurotic depression

The time has come to be honest with the people
And honor America's symbol, the bald eagle

There are freedoms in a free society
That far outweigh the Socialist ironic piaffe


Did you say rocket scientist?
Could it be you meant to resist

Civil disobedience abounds
Were being chased by the hounds

How could this all be so true?
I can't hold my breath I'm turning blue

You say you know what makes me tick
You could never guess, frackle frick

Our minds don't travel the same old road
You move along like the preverbial toad

To bad you didn't have a wishing well
You could have rang the chapel bell.
jtp 8/11/2018


What do we see in the paper today
What do the liberals have to say

It seems they want to be a star
And their thinking will take them far

But what is really in their mind
They are not really so kind

They play on peoples wants and needs
But they do not plant any growing seeds

Its all for me and not for you, they think
Let's flush them down the toilet or sink
jtp 11/4/2019


There comes a time in each one's life
When occurrences fill one with more strife

We must endure, we must carry on
Until the end when the war is won

Pussy footing around will not cure
We must have fortitude to be sure

In the end victory will be ours
Then we can break and take our showers

Wash away all the dirt and grime
Feeling fresh after a tempestuous time
jtp 8/11/2019

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