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What a farce the dummycrats have embarked on. No regard for individual rights or observing the rukes set up in the constitution.

At the rate the are going the party of hate will die and a new party will have to be forged.

Hopefully, a party that follows the constitution and the laws of America.

A party that is willing to work for the benefit of the people.
jtp 1/18/2020


It appears a great many Americans cannot think for themselves. The educational system has failed the youth of America in astounding numbers.

  • Free thinking is under attack from the left
  • Loyality is under attach from the left
  • Morality is under attach from the left
If the left continues to get its way America will be lost in a morass of lies, innuendos and falsehoods.

Three strikes your out. America becomes a third world country.


If the leftist get their way Ameica will drift into anarchy.

The causes of this drift are:

  • Creating false accusations
  • Not following the laws of the land
  • Frivolous attempts to regain power
  • Not working for the betterment of Americans
  • Is this what you want America?
    jtp 1/3/2020


    The Hollywoood elites are still shooting off their mouths.

    Question is: Who's listening to them?

    One thing for sure they don't know how to tell the truth or follow through on their commitments.

    They are still here after committing (through their comennts) they would leave America if Trump was elected president.
    jtp 1/6/2020


    The dimmies are scrambling to save their political lives. But, it may be too late.

    So many Americans are dissatisfied with the actions of the left. In addition the left has been exposed as fabricating and falsifying the opposition's actions.

    They have also been caught in the promises they nade that they had or have no intention of keeping,

    A case of same ole, same ole!
    jtp 1/19/2020


    Although we have a political system that leans toward democratic representation, in actuallity what type of representation do we, as citizens really have?

    Well, take a look, what do you see - a bunch of self-centered ego maniacs at the wheel. It is no wonder the U. S. is in the position it is in - toooooo much government.


    It is a tedious process unraveling all the corruption that occured concerning the election of 2016. Corruption that has existed for many years and continues today.

    Corruption that has become the norm in the ranks of many career politicians.

    However, every so often, we the people uncover the corruptionand have to deal with the renegades who believe they have all the answers and the pwople are not smart enough to make decisions affecting America.

    There needs to be more policies and regulations that check the actions of career politicians.

    Policies and regulations that provide for severe penalties for those who abuse their positions
    jtp 1/9/2020


    Today people are disconnted, a result of technology primarily the cell phone. Nothin has split the family unit as has the cell phone.

    Even the invention of television did not create such a schism in the family, let alone the entire population. The television actually brought families together.

    Families seldom do anything together without utilizing cell phones. There is little to no associative benefits from cell phones.

    There is little to no face to face conversations.

    It is no wonder there is violence, few have learned the real meaning of life.
    jtp 8/13/2019


    When are the moderate members of the left leaning democratic party going to stand up and re-take the party from the extremist?

    You know, those members of the democratic party that want to work for the betterment of their constituents.

    It is time for them to stand up for the party and democracy.

    And it better be soon or they will have no party to take back.
    jtp 1/14/2020


    The past is over when it comes to appeasing terrorist. Thank goodness. Because appeasment doesn't work. It only emboldens the terrorist.

    The one thing terrorist understand is united and specific retaliation. Near the end of WW II only one axis power had not surrendered, Japan.

    Truman took action to save American lives, which it is said as many as a million American lives would be lost if the ground forces had to fight from island to island to defeat the Japanese.

    Truman ordered the first atomic bomb dropped, but the Japanese refused to surrender. Bomb two was dropped and the Japanese surrendeed.

    Sometimes it takes drastic action to make your adversaries realize you're not just talking, you mean business.

    We now has a president who puts America first and the safety of Americans is paramount. He has the resolve to go toe to toe with terrorist as many of them have learned.

    Resolve that America has been lacking for many years.

    Unfortunately, America has leftist politicians and the mass media whose anti-Trump actions encourage the terrorist.
    jtp 1/5/2020


    What happened to rational minds within the socialist/communist dimmy party?

    No evidence of an impeachable crime was ever presente, yet the moderate dimmies allowed the extremeist to control their minds.

    Such a snall minority in the dimmy party has taken contorl.

    What ever happened to thinking for yourself?
    jtp 1/12/2020

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